Together with OPPO, Aicview brightened the gorgeous life with intelligent vision



In April 2019, Beijing Aicview Technology Co., Ltd. and the world’s famous mobile terminal brand OPPO held the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen, officially carrying out the cooperation and innovation based on intelligent image.

As a large technology enterprise with design, research and development, production of fashion digital products, OPPO has strong research and development strength, in the continuous progress of innovation, combined with the policy guidance and principle of China’s science and technology power, in the field of consumer electronics and hard science and technology has achieved rapid progress. In the statistical report, OPPO sold more than 120 million units in the global mobile phone market in 2019, accounting for 8.8% of the global market, achieving a 4% growth rate compared with 2018.

The formal establishment of strategic partnership with OPPO is a milestone for Aicview, which was established in August 2018. It marks that Aicview has achieved important results in technology research and development and technical services, and has been recognized by global first-tier brands. In the future, Aicview will continue to take the development of science and technology as the concept, take science and technology power as the core, take science and technology better life as the goal, continue to innovate on the shoulder of giants, and integrate intelligent vision and more innovative software technology solutions into all walks of life.

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