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In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have increasingly high requirements on the shooting effect of mobile phone cameras, and the demand for visual artificial intelligence systems and algorithms is also growing. Mobile phone manufacturers will continue to purchase visual artificial intelligence systems and algorithms with better performance and more comprehensive functions. On the one hand, the company constantly updates and upgrades existing products, on the other hand, it constantly develops new technologies and new products to meet the changing needs of customers.

According to the different hardware characteristics of each smart device, the company proposes targeted solutions for customers within the limited development cycle, and helps customers achieve the optimal balance in the three aspects of “performance, power consumption and hardware cost”. By adopting vision artificial intelligence solutions provided by the company, smart devices can break through the limitations of hardware imaging capabilities on the basis of existing hardware capabilities, improve imaging quality and expand imaging effects. Especially through the advanced algorithm optimization to effectively control the huge power consumption brought by intelligent computing, making numerous new intelligent photography camera and related visual applications possible, improve the user experience and equipment cost performance, and increase the market competitiveness of products.

Smartphoneand Internet Entertainment

Computer vision technology brings new smart experiences to smartphones and consumer-grade products


Swipe face to unlock

Photo optimization

Intelligent recognition of photo scenes, automatic adjustment of photo parameters

Simulated Bokeh

Intelligent recognition of the distance between the focus point and the background, simulating natural background bokeh of a large aperture SLR

Album classification

Sort and search photos by people, things, buildings, scenes, documents, text, etc.

Image Processing

Intelligent exposure adjustment, precise matching of noise styles, intelligent conversion filters to fit personal characteristics, intelligent beauty

AR Features

Precisely locate the outline of character features in the video, accurately segment the subject, customize the background effect to intelligently track the character and identify specific interactive actions

Image content review and classification

Image content review and classification